Pastoral Relevance/Dialogue with Life

NOTE: After every passage that we study in class, let us try to pick out one theme that has relevance to daily life and let us share (comment) on it.


Topic: In the light of Jesus’ teaching here on being “BORN AGAIN”, why should we not join the so-called “born again” groups, instead, or why shouldn’t we be “allergic” (many are) to them? (Comment right here below).


One thought on “Pastoral Relevance/Dialogue with Life

  1. In a very real sense, the call of BORN AGAIN Christians is something needed in our day and age. We can even parallel their advocacy, to be born again, to the call of John the baptist. Many Catholic Christians need to be “born again” today, that is, to listen and accept the word of God. Many Catholics receive the sacraments and yet are not moulded to what a believer should be. There is much to be born again for this Christian. To be born again and discover the realities and graces of the sacraments conferred on them, to be born again and allow Jesus to rule over their lives.

    However, I do not believe that to be truly born again, is to join the group of born again Christians. Our Christian faith, anchored in Sacred Tradition and Scripture, is enough. To be born again can mean that we be re-configured to the way Christ has shown us.

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